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Lipstick Palette

One brilliant and four lipsticks that form a harmonious color gradient to shape the lips, increase the volume and correct imperfections.

Concealer Palette

Luminous and covering correctors designed to conceal dark circles, stains and tattoos on skin. Enriched with a vegetable oils complex and vitamins.

Professional Make-Up Products

Professional Makeup School

Make-Up Atelier Paris, an extensive assortment of high quality products, ideal for professional as well as personal use.


Make-up Atelier Paris is a multi-ethnic brand and takes great pride in being able to provide a wide range of products to women and man of all shades and colors.


Sporting over 40 shades of foundations and 20 shades of concealers and loose powders it is one of few professional brands to cater equally to African, American, Asian, Caucasian and Hispanic skin tones.


Thin textured foundations, high-pigmented eye shadows and blushes, long lasting make-up that don’t run off.


Hélène Quillé is the creator; she develops new colors, textures and innovates new types of products that keep the brand on the cutting edge.

Complete training for future professional make-up artist in all areas: fashion, photography and cosmetics brands.


Beauty and Fashion Make-up

Learn the classics: beauty make-up, glamour and wedding make-up. Study differents face structures. Make-up corrections for cheeks, nose, chin, eyebrow lines, corrective lip lining, shading and highlighting.


Artistic Make-up

Face and Body painting technics on different themes: water, fire, ice, seasons, astrology themes. Choice and creation of colors, warm and cold harmonies, contrast effects. Applying glitters and sparkles.


Special effects

Injury effects: bruise, black eyes, compound fracture, cuts, blood, scars abrasions, slit throat, bullet hits. Burns: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, charred and burn scars. Cadavers, fresh and decave.

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